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Welcome to ALL ABOUT THE DREAM. Please visit our site often as you become an integral part of our growing community. We encourage and welcome your questions, resources, knowledge and personal experiences. We are grateful for the expanding list of “partners” and have posted links to their organizations. Please check ’em out.

Breast Health is important to all of us – men and women. 1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Early detection and prevention are essential to breast health and overall medical success. The good news is that self-exams and mammograms save lives and medical screening is available to all of us.

A cancer diagnosis can be a complete shock and often results in an overwhelming feeling of paralysis. Sometimes fear makes it difficult to gather information and make informed decisions. We are here to help with these challenges. With answers, resources, medical technology, and a loving and supportive community you will feel EMPOWERED with decisions about your life!

ALL ABOUT THE DREAM is just that…a loving space for encouragement, support, education, and inspiration to fulfill your life’s dreams. We are ALL ABOUT THE DREAM!!!

We invite you to share our site with friends and potential partners. Please enjoy our EMPOWERMENT BLEND coffee with others as you help raise awareness for breast health. 

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